Powerplant í eyði

Islandic Powerplant, which is not in use anymore… they simply had no more use for it! Advertisements

Hotel des Rêves

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy… Weiterlesen


This one speaks for itself….


I finally made my way to Poland… and of course I can’t travel to Poland without taking photos. The best thing about this place…. it had baby kittens! Oh and of course, I… Weiterlesen

Lycee V

A former school… there is not much I could say about this location – it was quite nice for „the one“ shot probably everyone knows… 😉

Château de singes

Chateau of the monkeys… don’t ask me why, but I did not take a photo of the monkeys on the wall. It’s very irritating, but somehow I forgot while staring at the walls…..… Weiterlesen

L’Auberge Sapin

We had 5-10 minutes in that hotel… I wish I could have taken better photos, but I still do think it is a really nice place. Maybe you can imagine it when looking… Weiterlesen

Kent School

A school and monastery of the Franciscans, also a shelter for sick and disabled children, then, again, a school of the british. During Holocaust many children where killed (euthanasia, back then, so called… Weiterlesen


Up on a hill, two nutcrackers lived a very, very peaceful and lonely life… until now.  

Dr. Araneae

I can tell you this much: I did not enjoy my stay.  

Des Jägers Hotel

What a wonderful place, and what a wonderful owner. I guess it is well knwon that this place is possible with an official visit, and please do so. Do not break in. This… Weiterlesen

Kirche Z

A church in the middle of a kinda big town, just about to collapse…

Chateau HB

An absolute beauty in ruins. I did not need to edit these pics. This place is just a natural beauty. You’ll hopefully like it as much as I do.

Besuch der alten Dame

Die alte Dame verließ ihr Haus vor über 10 Jahren. Ihr Weg führte ins Altenheim, wo sie kurz darauf verstarb.  Auch wenn die Wände heute krum und schief, und teilweise sogar halb herausgefallen… Weiterlesen

Grand Hotel Regnier

Grand Hôtel Regnier was built in 1904 for the wealthy… this is what’s left from the former glory.

Dr. Anna L

This is how Dr. Anna L looked back in 2012, before most of the decoration teams arrived. I’ve been there 3 times now, and its getting worse and worse (not just the decoration,… Weiterlesen


Since 2010 no more buttons are produced…

Block 11

A tiny prison with a big complex of barracks from the 1800’s….. it’s also known as „Prison eleven“. I really liked it…. but I have something for blue walls anyway 😉

Chateau Lumiere

It’s been ages since I visited this lovely french castle. It wasnt the trip of my life – and getting in was a bit irritating, but at least it was still worth it.… Weiterlesen

Clinic Diable

Last summer we went on a short trip to France… sadly the hospital was already much more trashed. It must have happened a few days before we got there.

Pilgrimage Church

It’s simple to describe this place: Stunning

Willy Wonkas House

Next to a chocolate factory, you can find this… well… rather stinky and filthy place. If you are around, visit it – if you are not, don’t bother to go there. I really… Weiterlesen

Klinik BK

The clinic closed about 10 years ago… it’s said that it will be renovated this year, but who knows. Newspapers say that the owner has a security guard for this building who checks… Weiterlesen

Preventorium D.

Last summer we went for groceryshopping across the border…. and took only very few shots in this location – but the firetruck was well worth it!


On new years me and my boyfriend visited this awesome place. It used to be an wastewater treatment plant… but what a beautiful one!! It really is a stunning place… hope you enjoy… Weiterlesen

Cinema G

The last soldiers left the barracks in 1995, and most likely thats also when the last curtain fell. This location was a bit lame, but before that one i visited a true beauty… you… Weiterlesen

(Ex) DDR Theater

I’m kind of… not excited about this object. Everyone else is… I wonder why. It’s just really ugly… the theater at least – the hallways are quite nice. If the whole place would… Weiterlesen

Overlook hotel

Nothing is left of this hotels former glory. It wasn’t even „worth“ a lot of photos, really sad since it was in a good shape not too long ago. Vandalism ruined it. Oh… Weiterlesen

Le chateau

Not much is known about the history of this castle… there isn’t a lot of info about it on the internet, I can’t even find the real name for it. Still it’s one… Weiterlesen

Medical One

Quite an interesting place I visited with some nice fellows from BE. We got scared a lil but hey… was a nice day still! Must have been a medical school once…

Le Baron Rouge

Le Baron Rouge… nothing much to say but… what a lovely house! Must have been a lovely place to live…

Pritzer Faculty

Last september I paid this beautiful university a visit, with the help of the super-friendly facility manager. Thank you again!


Meine Sachen will ich pflegen, den Rest in Schutt und Asche legen… What an outstanding object. It sure is one of my favorites, the moss-bed is just awesome. A fire destroyed one half… Weiterlesen

Schloß Rapunzel

After a year or two, it came to pass that the kings son rode through the forest and passed by the tower. Then he heard a song, which was so charming that he… Weiterlesen

Schloß V

A beautiful castle in Germany

Dr. Pepito

A former docotors house which is waiting for a new owner. Awesome location!

Müllers Mühle

Quite a while since I’ve been to this location. 2 old ladies must have lived here, I got no idea why they are gone though. Please don’t believe the horrorstories about terrifying neighbours… Weiterlesen

Maison Bebe

No info on this object available unfortunately. The house is full of babyclothes, toys… some are even unused, boxed as new. A lil weird… plus: horrible light inside the house, and a 1st… Weiterlesen

Schwimmbad H.

This old pool is supposed to be changed into a Sauna & Wellnessbath…. as you can see, nothing is happening. Thank you to our nice „host“ who let us take a look inside.

Villa Docteur

Again I don’t know much about this villa. It’s a huge villa in the middle of the town – downstairs used to be a small clinic – with nothing left. The doctor obviously… Weiterlesen

Chateau Alkohol

Chateau Alkohol would deserve a better name. Well, I even found it as „Maison Alkohol“… it’s not just a maison, that’s for sure. I think it’s now one of my favorite objetcs, a… Weiterlesen

Villa Albert

It’s been almost 6 months since I visited Villa Albert, I expected a lot – but found it quite boring. It had some nice stuff to shoot, but almost no atmosphere and I… Weiterlesen