Des Jägers Hotel

What a wonderful place, and what a wonderful owner.
I guess it is well knwon that this place is possible with an official visit, and please do so. Do not break in.
This wonderful hotel was built in 1840ies (not all of it of course, but that’s when it started as a small shelter). More and more guests came to visit the amazing nature around the place, so in 1891 it eventually became a bigger official hotel with the blessing of a well known duke.

The old man looking after this hotel is really friendly and has many stories to tell. I recommend you don’t just go there to take photos, but also stay for a good talk with him. It is worth it and you won’t regret it – urbex is not about running from one location to another – sometimes you need to take some time and listen to the past (oh that sounds so histrionic 😉 ).

Hopefully you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed my stay. I will come back for sure.

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